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Bansky Outside Art Gallery !

 We are so confident you will love it go ahead  visit  West 64 th street
Bansky’s Amazing  Outside Art Gallery  exhibiting just two paintings  also featuring a bench, and some carpet !




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The British street artist Banksy has been transforming New York with his Artwork One day at a time !

The elusive British Artist Bansky announced earlier this month that he was turning New York City  into an Art Gallery for a show titled , “Better Out Than In.”So if your touring New York City on the month of October There’s a chance you will actually get a chance to view an original Banksy !

Banksy is in New York for a month long residency during which he has promised a new piece of street art every day…….These are some of the images of  Bansky’s Art work around the city .

The British graffiti artist  has  created a shadowy depiction of the Twin Towers  adorned with a bright orange flower protruding from a crack in the wall, seemingly representing the explosive September 11 attack . A tribute to the  loved ones we lost on  9/11.
The mural depicting a little boy standing atop another boy’s back and captioned “The street is in play”  is in Manhattan’s Chinatown

Banksy was apparently in Queens , where he created  an outdoor piece depicting a man writing on a wall.



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