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Johannes Stoetter amazes people with his creative Artwork!

Johannes Stoetter turns humans, animals,fruits,landscapes in the most Amazing and creative Artwork !
 Johnnes Stoetter produces incredible body Art in which his subjects disappear  right into their backgrounds 
 Stoetter has replaced his canvas with the human body, his amazing Artwork is inspired by the natural world.


Old Antique Original Master piece Painting , 200-year-old Painting Turns out at a Charity Sale !

Liz Lockyer bought the painting at an RNLI charity sale in her home town of Teignmouth in Devon not knowing it was by Mary Moser – one of Britain’s most celebrated women artists.

An artist herself, Liz bought the painting depicting flowers because she loved the frame it was in.

It wasn’t until she studied the signature on the dusty and aged painting she found it was by 18th Century artist Moser – one of only two female founding members of the Royal Academy.

London-born Moser was trained by her Swiss-born artist and enameller father George Michael Moser and she won her first Society of Arts medal at just 14. Read more at :

James Jacques Joseph Tissot (French artist, 1836–1902)

The Art Institute of Chicago Proudly presents James Tissot’s most popular oil paintings,“Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity”this summer the exhibition going on Now, through Sunday, September 22, 2013. The exhibition includes a Tissot painting from Cleveland as well as Tissot crowd-pleasers from Paris, London, Boston, Los Angeles and Toronto.

An Interesting story 1872           James Jacques Joseph Tissot  photo credit  :
Too Early 1873, by James Tissot: Guildhall Art Gallery, London (

Ball on Shipboard 1874 by James Tissot, Tate Britian , London photo credit: Wikipedia 

July by , James Tissot french artist

Henry Siddons Mowbray (American, 1858–1928)

Harem Scene, ca. 1884–1900

Henry Siddons Mowbray (American, 1858–1928)
on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC , Gallery  743

Orientalist painters were intrigued by the secret world of women , Most likely the Artist imagined it like this  as his painting  focused on women in a  a private bath in a palace harem.  …….

Juan Gris (Spanish , 1887-1927 ) Violin and Playing Cards, 1913

Oil Painting Violin and Playing Cards, 1913
Juan Gris (Spanish, 1887–1927

Juan Gris composed  this painting  while in Céret, a small town in the Pyrenees, around  1913. It was a round this time that  the Artist had developed  a  Colorful Cubist Style  that with in a year or so would evolve  into the a fully formed Synthetic Cubism, influenced by Picasso’s and Braque’s …………..

Juan Gris (Spanish , 1887-1927 ) Violin and Playing Cards, 1913

Fine Japanese Figural Satsuma Pottery Vase

 Fine  Japanese Figural Satsuma Pottery Vase

Triple  A Auctions: bids starting at $1,000.00

Max Zorn creates Amazing Art with Tape !

 Max Zorn is an Amsterdam based Artist who creates Amazing Artwork made with Tape ! The Artist achieves this by layering  the translucent packaging  tape on Plexiglas to create different hues, shades and shadows while cutting it with a scalpel. Turns out this technic produces Amazing artworks!

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