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Steve Sacco: Next week look out for Our Exclusive interview wit…

Steve Sacco: Next week look out for Our Exclusive interview wit…: What would your questions be for ABC 6 Alicia Vitarelli?


Latest garage find: $30 million in artwork

Latest garage find: $30 million in artwork

One business man found  $30 Million dollars worth of Art Work by a famous Armenian Artist by the name of Author Pinajian. The man stumbled upon a huge collection of  paintings and drawings including journals while cleaning the property. The Abstract Artist who died in 1999 who’s last wishes were for his family to throw away all of his paintings in the garbage upon his  death, did not get his last request. Turns out, his family did not throw any of his paintings away instead they stored them  in the garage.Thanks to his family,”One mans Garbage is Another Mans treasures”. The business man who bought the home  had the paintings appraised and according to the experts the Artist, Author  Pinajian abstract paintings have taken the Art World by Storm his  paintings, drawings and Art journals  are worth a fortune! Some of the abstract paintings can fetch up to $500 thousand dollars alone at  auction. The entire collection of paintings and drawings  is worth $30 million; The Artist’s famous  Artwork  are now up for exhibition in Museums in New York City and California. Read more


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